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How Much Should I Be Saving and Investing?  Ask a Financial Advisor

How Much Should I Be Saving and Investing? Ask a Financial Advisor

0:00 - 0:24 Intro 0:24 - 0:52 Question 0:52 - 1:41 Answer for viewers closer to retirement 1:41 - 4:09 Answer for younger viewers - Method 1 4:09 - 6:06 Answer for younger viewers - Method 2 6:07 - 7:29 Remember this important point! 7:30 - 8:01 Outro In my "Ask a Financial Advisor" series, I answer questions sent in from my YouTube channel viewers, podcast listeners, newsletter readers, and the general public. Here is the most recent question I received: “I’m in my early 30s and making decent money. I want to make sure I am setting myself up for success later on in life. How much should I be saving and investing to do this?" Watch this video to find out my answer! Sid Misra, Certified Financial Planner™ Beacon Financial Group #money #wealth #investing #finance #moneymanagement #personalfinance #retirement #retirementplanning #income #socialsecurity #medicare #taxes #401k #IRA #RothIRA --- I'd be happy to have a brief conversation to discuss your needs and to see if we would be a good fit to work together Schedule an intro call with me: --- To learn more about me, please visit my website: ---- Don't forget to subscribe to my channel: ---- I post a lot of educational content on LinkedIn that you won't want to miss out on Find me on LinkedIn: ---- Listen to the MPowered Finance Podcast: Gautam Misra Beacon Financial Group
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