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MPowered Finance Newsletter: February 2023

To My Readers,

What is our most valuable asset?

Is it our 401k, IRA, or some other investment account? Is it our primary residence?

While these are all good answers, they can all technically be replaced if lost. Money is replaceable.

But what asset, when lost, is never replaceable no matter how hard you work or try?

Time. Time is our most valuable asset.

Don't believe me? Let's take Warren Buffet for example. He is worth over $100 Billion. Most people would trade places with him to get that kind of net worth.

But wait, Buffet is 92 years old. Would you still trade places with a 92 year old, just for more money?

Buffet may have money, but he has less time than most of us. I, for one, would not make that trade.

We only get a certain amount of time in this world, and with those we love. Let's make the most of that time by spending it on the things that truly matter to us.

Thank you, 

Sid Misra, CFP® Beacon Financial Group


Have questions about your finances? Let me know!

I'm happy to have a quick conversation to address any questions/concerns you may have and to see if we would be a good fit to work together


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What Does All Of This Mean?

Have you ever thought to yourself:

"The income I earn is great, but what does it mean for my ability to take care of my family?

To support them now while enjoying life, and also planning for the future?"


"What does my investment balance mean as I inch closer to retirement?

I know its a big number, but I'm not sure how it translates into me being able to retire and stay retired"

You may earn alot of money and you may have a big account balance, but what does that actually mean for your life?

Getting clear on this will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the important things in life

Who doesn't want that?


New Year, New Me

There are many New Year’s resolutions set in January, including financial resolutions. Here are some of the biggest reasons people set financial resolutions:

“I want to know that we have enough money and are on the right path” “I want to know that if I’m not around, my family will be alright” “I want to know that my kids can graduate debt-free” “I want know that I can help my aging parents, if need be” It’s a new year with new opportunities to take control of your finances. But what are you ACTUALLY doing to put yourself in control? Do you have a plan? Do you even know where to start? There is no better time to figure this out. And if you are having trouble, there is no better time to ask for help 💡 The time will pass, whether you do it or not So, start now and give your future self a reason to be thankful.


What Key Trait is Shared by Our Most Successful Clients?

There are the obvious traits:

  • They spend less than they make and put the difference to work

  • They are also open to guidance/help from a financial professional, who may not always tell them what they want to hear

But there is one important trait that is often overlooked.

Our most successful clients are great communicators! They are in constant communication with us throughout the year! Instead of just waiting for our regularly scheduled reviews, they are proactive in telling us about life events like: - Births - Deaths - Marriage - Divorce - Changes in jobs/benefits

And so much more! That extra communication helps us do our job better. It helps us understand what is happening, in real time, and allows for timely adjustments to help them stay on course Communication is key! 💡 Are you communicating enough with your advisor? 💡 Are you working with an advisor that wants you to communicate more?


The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice financial or tax recommendations for any individual.

All performance referenced is historical and is no guarantee of future results.

All indices are unmanaged and may not be invested into directly.


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